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Comact: The Leader in High Performance

Comact is a North American leader in the design and manufacturing of wood processing equipment. The company offers the most comprehensive range of products on the market, featuring everything from mechanical equipment all the way to artificial vision for optimization, not to mention automation and controls. Thanks to its greater capability in sawmill design, manufacturing, and delivery, it is one of the largest companies of its kind in North America. Comact is equipped to deliver fully-automated production lines and manufactures equipment meant to meet the requirements of clients both in the softwood and the hardwood processing businesses.

We invite you to visit www.comact.com to find out more about Comact.


PHL: The Expertise Behind Your Success

Within the BID Group, PHL is the company specializing in customization of equipment for sawing hardwood, white pine, and resinous wood (SPF). Whether for primary or secondary breakdown, or for optimized edgers and resaws, PHL’s broad range of products meets the requirements of that market segment thanks to clear, refined engineering of simple, efficient equipment. PHL was established in Quebec over 40 years ago and has been offering solutions to  the local market as well as on the international level ever since. PHL’s excellent reputation in the industry rests on its team’s personalized approach as well as on the sound relationship of trust it fosters with its clients.

We invite you to visit www.phlinc.ca to find out more about PHL.


A&M Manufacturing: Your Reference for Planing Systems

In May 2015, the BID Group acquired A&M Manufacturing for its extensive experience in the planing industry. Whether for planer feed systems, planer retrofits, or even the purchase of an all-new planer, Dennis Miller’s team is the North American reference. Since A&M Manufacturing is renowned for its attentive customer service along with its unparalleled understanding of planing systems, it will undoubtedly enhance the BID Group’s line of products and services.

We invite you to visit www.ammfginc.com to find out more about A&M Manufacturing.


Deltech: Energizes Your Projects

With a long-standing reputation for innovative design, Deltech is a primary manufacturer of continuous and batch kilns as well as biomass-fueled energy systems. Specialized in energy solutions for the forestry sector, Deltech is also an industry leader in pellet plant manufacturing. The energy systems supply thermal energy for lumber dry kilns, material dryers, board presses, log conditioning, power generation, and plant heating systems. Deltech creates turnkey systems, thus providing start-to-finish solutions. The experienced field team ensures high-quality installations, commissioning, and maintenance.

We invite you to visit www.deltech.ca to find out more about Deltech.


Serviplus: Your Customer Support Team for All BID Group Brands

Owing to its presence throughout North America and to its qualified team of professionals, Serviplus is the reference for after sales service and customer support. With regional parts and service offices located in the U.S.A. (Washington State and South Carolina) and in Canada (Quebec and British Columbia), Serviplus offers comprehensive coverage of the North American market. Whether for parts, software upgrades, system retrofits, technical support, on-site service, or 24/7/365 emergency phone support, the Serviplus Team is always highly responsive and prepared to assist you.

We invite you to visit our page to find out more about Serviplus.


BID Group Construction: Maximizes Your Ambition

BID Construction is a group of companies whose operations are aimed at the construction of buildings. It is this very group of companies that allows the BID Group to be capable of providing turnkey solutions, including the construction of buildings, related civil engineering services, and equipment installation. The BID Group of Companies first began in this filed in 1983, before diversifying and acquiring OEMs. Thanks to its certified team and extensive experience in the field, BID Construction is perfectly suited to meet substantial challenges in mill construction.

We invite you to visitÂwww.bidconst.com to find out more about BID Construction.


Nechako Mechanical

Located in Vanderhoof, BC, Nechako Mechanical is the largest fabrication facility in the province, north of the Lower Mainland. Nechako Mechanical has completed components for countless industrial projects, large and small, across Western Canada and Western USA, and also Russia. It has sufficient capacity, equipment, manpower and expertise to accommodate complex and large rush orders. The management team is dedicated to problem solving and finding the solution that fits your business.

We invite you to visit www.nechakomechanical.ca to find out more about Nechako Mechanical.


Northwest Equipment Rental

Located in Prince George, British Columbia, Nothwest Equipment Rental specializes in rentals of construction equipment including cranes, man-lifts, telehandlers, large industrial forklifts and trucks. Its experienced staff ensures that rental equipment is in peak operating condition. Northwest Equipment Rentals has 10 employees and about 62 pieces of equipment available for rent.

We invite you to visit www.northwestequipment.ca to find out more about Nothwest Equipment Rental.


Vanderhoof Specialty Wood

Vanderhoof Specialty Wood is a value-added lumber remanufacturing facility located in Vanderhoof, British Columbia. It’s specialized in HRA Finger jointed lumber, wood pellets and posts & rails. Vanderhoof Specialty Wood’s excellent reputation rest on its consistent quality, on-time shipping (by rail and truck) and competitive pricing.

We invite you to visitÂwww.vanderhoofspecialtywood.ca to find out more about Vanderhoof Specialty Wood.


Lazer Northwest Transport Ltd.

Lazer Northwest Transport Ltd., located in Prince George British Columbia, provides specialized step-deck and lowbed transportation services throughout Canada. From small mobile equipment moves between jobsites to multi-load heavy haul projects, Lazer Northwest’s dedicated, experienced team provide on time, on budget, safety driven services that we believe stand up against any carrier in the industry. From 40 tonne six axle to 100 tonne ten axle loads Lazer Northwest Transport Ltd can handle any over the road transport challenge.

We invite you to visit www.northwestequipment.ca to find out more about Lazer Northwest Transport Ltd.

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